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opening hours mon - sat 10 - 6pm, sun 12 - 5.30pm
68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534
Support your local artist: Holly Pereira Profile

Support your local artist: Holly Pereira Profile

Hyperpictures is one of our most frequent collaborators when it comes to greeting cards. If you've been in our shop, you'll definitely have come across these...
Holly Pereira Greeting cards
The woman behind Hyperpictures is Holly Pereira, a super-talented illustrator (amongst other things) with a sharp wit and a lovely sense of the important little details in life. A graduate of sculpture in NCAD, she went on to study animation in 2013 and has been creating beautiful pictures in different media ever since. Her work can be seen on greetings cards, posters, album covers, shop signage and even murals, to mention but a few. Her style is warm and charming and her illustrations are always full of movement and personality. Just check out her work on the beautiful mural outside the Bernard Shaw...political art in the outdoors, what's not to love?! 
Holly Pereira Street Mural
So, support your local artist - next time you're looking for a card which has that certain something, think Hyperpictures.
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