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Tailored Gift Packs for Your Loved Ones

Tailored Gift Packs for Your Loved Ones

We have been scratching our heads for the last few weeks trying to work out how we can be of help during these very strange times. Okay, it is probably not possible for us to start manufacturing masks or hand sanitisers, but maybe we can make life at least a little bit more pleasant. 

It is times like these that we realise just how important the people in our lives are to us. Even if we can’t see their lovely face, we are still thinking about them. They may be a frontline worker, a constant companion through this uncertainty, or a family member who you're either missing, or suddenly spending much more time with. Whoever the person, whatever the reason, if you want to send them a little gift, to say hi, to say thank you or to say you miss them then we want to help.

We love a good recommendation here at Designist, and as you know, we love helping you folk select just the right gift. It’s one of the things we’ve all been missing about being in work. So if you want to treat a loved one in with a tailored gift pack, but need a little help in choosing just the right things, we are here to help.

All you need to do is DM us (through Facebook or Instagram) or email us at with a little bit of information and we'll send you a lovely selection of suggested goodies, tailored especially for that special person. You get the final decision on exactly which items you want included in the gift pack, which we will then process, gift-wrap and post out to that special person just as soon as it is safe to do so. We will even include a hand-written message if you like. 

To help us come up with just the perfect recommendations please include as much information about the person as you can:

1. Who is the person you are buying for?

2. The best gift you have ever gotten from them

3. Their favourite scent, food, colour or idea of a night in.

4. The type of books/films they like?

5. How much you want to spend.

Or if that’s all to much, you can just ask us to send them a random treat and we’ll do all the work.

Stay safe everyone!




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