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The last couple of weeks at designist

The last couple of weeks at designist

You know, for kids! ... What would you want from a perfect children’s toy anyway? Probably something that allows them to be creative, and can be re-used over and over. Also something that's good for outdoor athletic games as well as indoor creative projects. It’d want to be sturdy and not easily breakable, and it would be great if it was made from safe and sustainable materials. Sounds too good to be true? Think again! Binabo chips are buildable pieces made from sugar and wood that can be used to build anything from footballs to frisbees to mini Eiffel Towers. They’re bendable but sturdy, so they’re perfect for constructing and deconstructing toys as often as you’d like. Kick them around as a ball or build your own unique lampshade, it’s completely up to you. Binabo clips, and all of their packaging, is 100% plastic free, biodegradable and entirely made in Germany from sustainable crops. Safe for children and the environment!




If you're looking for a remarkable gift & a bright idea all in one, our mini Book Light is just the thing! It creates beautiful ambient light, it's usb chargeable, and portable so you can bring it anywhere, even camping!



If you’re going festivalling at the weekend, we have a few bits that might come in handy. All Together Now have very sensibly asked people not to bring any single use plastics to the festival. And very soundly, they will be serving drinks in recyclable containers and doing their best to leave no trace after the festival, so we should too! We’ve got Stojo collapsible cups, Eau Good Water Bottles with filters, Reusable Straws, a Travel Straw in a case with a cleaning brush, reflective buttons for finding your tent or friend, and Bottle Light for creating a cool lamp at the campsite (bear in mind no glass bottles are allowed on campsites, but you can use any bottle or just use it as a mini rechargeable torch!)



When it was built in 1881 George's Street Arcade was Ireland's first purpose-built shopping centre. Today this enclosed Victorian market remains a lovely reminder of Dublin in times gone by. We love seeing it from the shop every day. Now, thanks to this nifty A5 card designed by Anke Eckardt as part of her Tiny Ireland series, you too can gaze upon your very own George's Street Arcade.



Baby gifts are often as much for the parents as the new little human. We‘ve some lovely gift ideas in store, like the new Baby Beast book by Chris Judge and Dear Ijeawele (A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Both are books you can read to kids but they also have lovely, comforting advice for parents as well. And we have a selection of baby cards by Irish designers in stock too! 



Put down that console! We’ve been having a pretty good summer so far but when the rain hits it can be so hard to get kids off their devices. Go old school and try a board game. We’ve got a selection that will easily keep kids busy on a rainy afternoon. Space Pirates is all about discovering new planets, battles for space treasure and coins with magical powers. Lighthouse Adventure involves sailing back to safety from a stranded lighthouse. Then there’s Ladies under the Towels a madcap romp of a game set in Lewis the hairdresser’s where a good memory will win the day. All are gorgeously illustrated, made from 90% recycled cardboard with natural paints and inks and guaranteed to keep everyone entertained.



How about this for handy? Your very own zero waste reusable cutlery and toothbrush set made from sustainably grown and harvested bamboo. Every year 4 billion toothbrushes and a LOT of plastic cutlery gets chucked in the bin. Most of it then takes up to 200 years to decompose. Be part of the solution by carrying and reusing your own set. This Bamboo Eating Kit from BAM BAM contains a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, toothbrush and toothpaste pot. They come in a nifty bag made from sustainably farmed cotton. You’ll never have to use single-use plastic again! . . .



Ship ahoy! Beware incoming pirates on this 3D colour-in ship, featuring your own signature artwork. This lovely pack lets you build your very own 3D pirate ship by simply popping out the cardboard pieces and sliding them together (no need for scissors or glue!). And that’s not even the best part- once you’ve put it together, you can paint and decorate the ship anyway you want, as it’s made of strong white cardboard. Create something beautiful, scary, funny- it’s up to you! Then use your ship with other toys (or keep it on display to show off your beautiful creation). A brilliant gift for imaginative young folk. 



Now that the autumn is setting in, stay safe and visible when you’re out and about at night. These handy detachable badges are an easy and cheap as chips way to give you extra visibility when walking, running or cycling. Stash them away in your bag to use when needed, and clip on and off whichever coats and bags you’re going out with!



See more of your plants by putting them EXACTLY where you want them. The Eden Suction Planter by Okidome is a genius way of securely attaching plants to windows, mirrors, tiles and fridges. Absolutely brilliant for placing light-loving herbs like basil, which need warmth and as much light as possible, in the perfect spot. No tools required and each pot can hold up to 5kg.

Keep your favourite plants in sight and watch them grow.



How about heading to the beach and flying a kite this weekend? All you need is a little wind and we have plenty of that at the moment. Kites have been around for ages (2,800 year + to be exact) and were invented in China. Often forgotten in our current sea of technology and gadgets, few things are as simple and fun to do. Bring out your inner kid or impress an actual kid with your kite flying skills (easy to pick up btw). Our Huckleberry Kite is a classic red with a multi-coloured tail. It comes with it’s own bag so you can keep it by the door or in the car so it’s always handy. Perfect for when a day at the beach in Ireland turns breezy (ie most days at the beach)




Becoming a vegan can be tough for cheese lovers. Pizza just isn’t the same is it? Now, there’s a solution - with the Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit you can make your own dairy free cheeses. The kit comes with a range of herbs, step by step instructions and delicious recipes for vegan Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Halloumi and Feta. Even Parmesan. Simply add nuts and almond milk and you’ll have your very own vegan cheeses in under an hour. The kit contains enough to make 20 batches which will keep you in cheese on toast for at least a couple of months...






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