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Wrapping it up: gift wrapping tips from the pros

Wrapping it up: gift wrapping tips from the pros

It's that time of year again. You’re about to flex those gift wrapping muscles. Fold, tie, pull, curl, stick, fold back, do it again, and again; it’s a test of dexterity and patience. It’s the perfectionists’ ultimate challenge, and a gruelling ordeal for the clumsier, well-meaning gifters at the back.

But in fairness, some wow-worthy gift wrap can be the difference between a nice gift, and an amazing, memorable keepsake. It’s all in the detail, as they say. At designist, we are expert wrappers, and very proud of it. You’ll find us literally getting the measuring tape out to make a bow even on both sides, squinting to ensure side flaps line up, and tutting if right angles aren’t just so! Colours are chosen meticulously and tape is applied lovingly, if that’s a word I’m allowed to use. You can avail of our neurosis, wrapping skills, by simply opting for our luxury gift wrap at the check out. We’ll happily take the task, and will impress every time.

If you want to go it alone, we’ve pulled together a few ideas that might set you off on an interesting path this year. Why not try some out and see if you could give us a run for our money ….
red tissue flowers

Tissue is one of the unsung heros of gift wrapping in my view. I love the softness of tissue and how it can add a cheerful burst of colour and flair to any simple bag - forgoing the need to actually wrap anything.

For those more adventurous, these tissue flowers make impressive bows and embelishments for any gift. 


Try to reuse some colourful shopping bags, magazine covers, printed promo material, or whatever you have hanging around. If you’ve a keen eye for design and print, and use your imagination, this can work really well. It’s the eco-friendliest option, which makes it a winner too. If you have paper shopping bags in abundance, turn them inside out, and get the sharpie out or stickers like these kraft dots or gold stars to create a bespoke design or some doodle art. This trick gets extra points if you can wrangle kids into drawing pictures on the paper wrap, and using it for grandparents and adoring auntie and uncle gifts. You’ll earn brownie points for every element of that gift!


Our next idea involves learning THE fold. This is a slightly trickier option than a straight forward gift wrap, but boy does it pay off! This japanese folding technique gives you a perfect folded finish and looks so good, people avoid opening the gift, just to savour the wrapping. 
This one is best used on rectangular boxes, and may involve watching this youtube video multiple times. Go for it. 

If the above impressive Japanese folding piqued your gift wrap interest, why not try our third option, a very (seemingly) simple folding wrap, that will give the neat freaks an adrenalin buzz. Again, best used for books and rectangular boxes. Learn how with this video.


If you have some awkward shapes to cover, using a sack shape is a work around. These candy striped drawstring are brilliant for small and medium sized gifts, though if you are going larger then why not grab an attractive pillow case, pop the gifts inside, and finish it with a great big bow and swing tag? 
Voila, your very own Santa sack. 



For those of you whose go-to gift is a bottle of wine, and who reach for unimpressive gift bags every time, I urge you to re-use some paper and get busy with this easy peasy, cute as can be, bottle wrap. Watch this

Now, you’ve no excuse.

Happy Wrapping!
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