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good design, great design and badly made books

good design, great design and badly made books

Looking for answers?
Check out our science-y collection of books, they contain many big answers to all the big questions... just about...


I love watching things grow. And I can never quite believe it when I manage to get something to germinate out of a teeny seed; it always feels a tiny bit magic (it’s science, I know it’s science!). If you don’t have naturally green fingers, sometimes a little bit of help is really worth it. These germination plates by Botanopia are a great way to get seeds and stones growing. And if your seed growing isn’t going to happen, at least you can feed the birds with these really sleek and stylish bird feeders. They come as a pair and as they are glass they let you see the song birds as they feed. I have them hanging at different heights on a tree at home and ADORE them. And seen as we are feeding the birds, why not help out the bees as well? These beepots are bee hotels and planters at the same time, meaning you can give a little baby bee a home to grow in and then feed them when they hatch out in spring - lovely!



Good design solves a problem; great design does so with absolute simplicity. . If you are heading off on a mini holiday these self watering cones are the perfect job. Screw a bottle into the top, pop it into the soil, and leave your plants for up to two weeks. No more having to get the neighbours to come to water the plants. Perfect.



New Products & restock! . A good notebook makes all the difference. We love these planners, bullet journals and notebooks by @badlymadebooks. With softcovers and completely flat opening, as well as a pocket at the back to keep all your bits and bobs, these are great all rounder books. My favourite thing is that they are 82.5% made of rubbish materials - recycled papers and materials. The planners are undated so you can sort your life at your own speed. With a pile of new colours, there are lots to chose from. These are #madelocal #irishdesigned and made. A great way to get yourself sorted.



If keeping little hands and minds occupied is beginning to feel like a bit of a chore, it might be time to stock up on new activities. We are always looking for things that have more than one use. Like these cardboard models by bibabox. Simple cardboard constructions, that little hands can make without any scissors or glue, they are designed to be decorated and painted. Once made up they then are surprisingly sturdy and entertaining toys - they have past many a pleasant wet afternoon at our house this last while. For the slightly older ones, this DIY board game is fab. It comes with a whole range of blank pieces ready for you to develop a strategy, work out exactly what kind of game it will be, and paint/ colour the appropriate pieces. And of course you can never go wrong with really good chalk on a pavement on a sunny day. Check out our ‘things to do’ section on the website for more ideas. . We are open today between 12.30-5pm if you are around town.



The windows had a little rejiggle yesterday with some lovely new things to look it. You won’t be able to see it today as we are closed on Mondays but everything is online as usual and we are open tomorrow bright and early :) . Have a gift to send? Let us know and we will gift wrap it for free, add any message you wish in the card and post it directly to your loved one for you! . Click and collect options are also available for those who don’t want to risk any pesky queues.


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