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DIY Wildflower-Seeded Greeting Cards Instructions

It's easy to grow your Wildflower Seeding Greeting Card with these simple steps:

1. bury your card under 0.5mm of soil

2. kept it moist and warm

3. watch the wildflowers bloom!


How does it come?

5x A5 sheets of seed-embedded paper and 5 gummed envelopes in a paper pack.

Seeds include:

Golden Ball Chrysanthemum
Gypsophila Elegans (white)
Antirrhinum (mixed colours) - a native Irish wildflower
Iberis Umbellata (mixed colours) - a native Irish wildflower
Lobularia Snowcloth
Ageratum Blue mink
Petunia (mixed colours)
Godetia Azalea double (mixed colours)
Dorotheanthus (mixed colours)






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