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The Big Cheese Making Kits

There are few things in this world better than cheese. There are few things in this world more fun than DIY. Few things more therapeutic than cooking. If only we could combine these things, Sundays would be sorted forever… well… we’ve got you covered!

Making cheese at home

The Big Cheese make simple, straight-forward home cheese making kits. But unlike our writing style, there is nothing cheesy about The Big Cheese Making Kits. Apart from the cheese that is. Easy to use, you can make a range of delicious cheeses such as halloumi, ricotta and goat’s.

Halloumi making kit

All you need to buy is milk, depending on the cheese you’re making, like goat’s milk or unhomogenised milk, which are readily available. Each kit will make you about ten batches and each batch will take a couple of hours to make. What a brilliant way to spend time with the kids, impress your guests or just get your hands dirty on a lazy day off. All their kits are also 100% vegetarian.

Home made goat's cheese

The Big Cheese Making Kit’s founder is 37 year old Scot Alisa Proverbs who received an MBE this year for her contribution to the food industry. Cheese and fun and awards and innovation, and cheese again. Brilliant stuff. 

Buy The Big Cheese Making Kits online from Designist here

Home made Ricotta with strawberries, blueberries and honey

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