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  • Londji - Eco friendly games from Spain

    Londji - Eco friendly games from Spain

    If you are looking for toys and games that engage minds of all ages, that are responsibly and intelligently designed and made, and something a little different to the standard fare, Londji may just be for you. We began stocking...

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  • Easy Peasy Cheese Making

    Easy Peasy Cheese Making

    Last weekend we picked up some delicious non-homogenised milk from Dunlavin Dairy in West Wicklow, and made Mozzarella with our Big Cheese Making Kit.
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  • Our birthday lists...

    Our birthday lists...

    Today is an extra special day at Designist, we have, not one, but two staff birthdays to celebrate! To mark the occasion we had a chat about what we'd pick out if we were choosing our own birthday presents from...

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  • Make Memories this Valentine's Day

    Make Memories this Valentine's Day

    Sometimes the best present you can give is an experience, or something you can do together to create a lasting memory. Here are some lovely gift ideas for interesting things you can do with your loved ones this Valentine's Day....

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  • Cheezus, Mary & Joseph

    The Big Cheese Making Kits There are few things in this world better than cheese. There are few things in this world more fun than DIY. Few things more therapeutic than cooking. If only we could combine these things, Sundays...

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