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In the Name of the Father's Day

Posted by Anne Lynott on

Father's Day is fast approaching, sons and daughters. It falls on the third Sunday of June, which is June 21st 2015. A kind of Father's Day has been celebrated for over 4,000 years, said to have started in ancient Mesopotamia's Babylon. Our version of Father's Day is more modern and had its inception in Washington, USA, in 1910, by a woman who's father was a single parent Civil War veteran who raised six children. Pretty deserving dad right there.
In Germany it's also known as Gentlemen's/Man's Day and there's a tradition where bunches of lads go hiking or camping together, with a crate of good beer, literally, in tow, in a small wagon which they pull by hand. According to the German statistics office, due to the festive nature of this tradition, road ​traffic accidents triple on Father's Day. In Thailand Father'sDay falls on December 5th the day of King Bhumibol Adulyade's birthday. It is traditional to wear yellow, as it is the colour associated with Mondays and the king, considered the "Father of the Nation" was born on a Monday. In the USA and Canada people used to wear a rose in honour of their dad when they went to church. 

Where would we be without our dads? Whose father, or father-figure, doesn't deserve a little extra attention to let them know you're thinking of him this​ Father's Day, so whatever you do, let your dad know he's the best.

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