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68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534

  • DAD JOKES & designist

    DAD JOKES & designist

    Did you hear the one about the butter? No? Oops, sure I better not spread it then. Okay, so not the best DAD JOKE, can YOU do better? In the run up to Father's Day we are transforming our window...

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  • Hip Gifts for Hip Dads

    Hip Gifts for Hip Dads

    If your dad is the coolest cat in town, then maybe a pair of socks and a packet of liquorice all-sorts just won't do. Here are some cool gifts for your hip dad that won't ruin his street cred.  Beard...

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  • Gadget-gifts fo' yo' Gadget-Dad

    Gadget-gifts fo' yo' Gadget-Dad

    Some dads like gardening, some dads like golfing and some dads like gadgets. Here are some great gadget-related gifts to delight your gadget-enthusiast Dad. 1) BBQ Toolbox A travel BBQ that looks like A TOOLBOX?! Ain't nothing more gadgety than that....

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  • dad jokes?...

    dad jokes?...

    "Dad, can you give me a lift?" "Sure kid, you’re a talented child, and me and your mum are so proud of you!" So we all know the deal with dads and jokes. The usual response is a cringe or a...

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  • In the Name of the Father's Day

    Father's Day is fast approaching, sons and daughters. It falls on the third Sunday of June, which is June 21st 2015. A kind of Father's Day has been celebrated for over 4,000 years, said to have started in ancient Mesopotamia's Babylon....

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