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a day outdoors in Dublin

a day outdoors in Dublin

ice cream at teddys

Pop out to Dún Laoghaire for a lovely stroll

A stroll with a humble 99 cone is one of the simple pleasures in life and with Dún Laoghaire you are spoiled with the choice between Teddy’s or Scrumdiddlys’. Once you have your 99 in hand make your way around the pier and sit yourself along the coast and take in the crashing waves. In fact a good ice cream makes almost any walk considerably better, so here's a link to some of the better ice cream shops around the city. Top picks for Places To Go In Dublin!

Catch a ferry around Howth

As the days begin to get longer and the evenings brighter the idea of an evening ferry doesn’t seem just as cold. One of my favourite evenings I had last summer was the sunset ferry around the Howth Cliffs ran by Island Ferries. It’s one of the best places to experience sunset in Dublin, right out on Dublin Bay looking back on the village of Howth.

pheonix park

Explore Phoenix Park

We are utterly blessed having Europe’s largest urban park that is our Phoenix Park a whole world in of itself. Phoenix Park is best experienced on two wheels so hop on and get cycling. You can rent out bikes right at the main entrance to the park or use Dublin Bikes or Bleeper Bikes. Plan your route through the park, you can go see the deer (but leave them be, and don’t feed them), see the Áras, the Wellington monument or cycle up to Farmleigh House. A bonus tip, why not pack up a nice picnic and once you’ve exhausted yourself cycling crack open a nice bottle of TK lemonade. 

bull island

Cycle out to Bull Island

While we’re all on our bikes another lovely route to take is the cycle out to Bull Island via Clontarf. Again you can rent out bikes through Dublin Bikes or Bleeper and cycle along the segregated bike lane along the Clontarf promenade all the way to the old wooden bridge to Bull Island. Make sure you grab a coffee and a toastie from Happy Out on the island and sit back, relax and take in the fresh sea breeze.

going for a trek
Trek up Killiney Hill

Dublin is a relatively flat city so in terms of high vantage points we are few and far between but one of the nicest views has to be the view from Killiney Hill which on a bright, sunny day (nearly) rivals the Italian vistas. Take the train to either Killiney or if you want a longer but very scenic get off earlier at Dalkey and have a wander through the village. Once you make it to the hill you’ll see the iconic Obelisk and you can breathe a sigh of relief as it’s all downhill from here (in walking terms, not metaphorically) Killiney Hill is also a perfect picnic spot that will provide some ample view to enjoy your delicious food with - one of the loveliest Places To Go In Dublin.

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