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Bees, Mice and Farm Animals!

Bees, Mice and Farm Animals!

Now is the time our little fluffy solitary bee friends are looking for just the right place to lay their little egg. Bee hotels, bee blocks and bee motels are fantastic ways to provide just the right kind of spaces for them to leave their little larvae to hatch and safely grow over the winter months. I particularly love the idea of these bee pots that let you plant a bee friendly plant on top so when the young bee emerges in the spring, it has some tasty food right there at it’s door step.
Solitary bees are gentle little creatures, as they don’t form hives, they don’t swarm, they are very safe to have around in your garden, and they are really important plant propagators in desperate need of a helping hand from us.
Our shop is closed today but we are always online. And any order you make will be processed first thing tomorrow :)

Brand new in Designist are these ‘50 things to do in Dublin’ scratch maps. There are five categories- outdoor, food, art and culture, history and pubs. This is a lovely way to get yourself out of the house and exploring this little city of ours.

We talk about great design here a lot. How great design gives function plus an added something, transforming a thing into an object - of beauty, of conversation, of desire. We are delighted to now stock these very very beautiful light shades which are both a very little bit special. The ribbon lampshade looks a amazing regardless of the time of day or if the light is turned on or not. Light flows through its curves creating fascinating shapes. It is a real centrepiece. The Silvia Create is soooo much more than just a light shade. It consists of petals in watercolour paper which are ready for you to customise, decorate, paint, draw on, making it a completely individual piece that works for you. Check our website for buckets of ideas on how you can personalise your Silvia create. We love it’s flexibility and the endless possibilities. Both light shades can be hung on pendant light fittings or on lamps. The Silvia can be hung with the petals pointing up or down, giving it even more flexibility. We also sell extra petals/leaves if you want to change up your Silvia. . We are open today until 5.30pm as usual and Hazel is packing away all your orders ready to go out in the post. And great news, postage to the US and Australia is back up and running with An Post so you have no excuses to get little gifts off to all the family no matter where they are

We have some new additions to the Designist shop wall, just to the side of our little green shelves. These butterfly hooks are lovely statement pieces that make any wall a little bit more special while also being super useful. Use them to throw your scarf over, hang a jacket, keep your keeps, wallet and mask handy, or just use them to brighten up a unloved spot in the hallway or room

Now these are books. Written by real folk who really know their stuff, these great Irish books are exactly what they say. They are stuffed full of fascinating facts, fun experiments, and really fun illustrations by some of our top illustrators. In fact they are so full they had to make the books extra big just to fit all the info 😃 These are great for the little scientists and inquisitors in your life

It is a new month, so time for a new window! . So great news- we are FINALLY back to sending your orders out 6 days a week (Monday - Saturday) YEAHY! We are delighted to have gotten back to full packing capacity! . There are a few new bits in the shop to help inspire your every gifting need. We are particularly delighted with the rainbow theme happening with all the toys for kiddies - these darker autumnal days definitely need a bit of cheer. . We are open today until 5.30pm and tomorrow (Sunday) between 12.30-5pm, and of course, we are online always, as always

Have buckets of genius ideas, but struggle to keep hold of them, and turn them into real winners? We agree, it can be so tricky to put your great ideas into words sometimes and with that, they may never see the light of day. The ideas journal hopes to solve this problem. It is the one stop shop for plotting and planning all your ideas; however big or small they may be. Created in ireland, this book has a clear layout for you to title, plan and expand on your ideas in hopes of seeding out the ones you want to run with. There is room to explore 100 ideas in this one space with a rating scheme throughout so that you can note just how genius they are. whether you're an artist, an author, an entrepreneur, a makeup artist or a scientist, this simple idea is the perfect host for your next game-changing move. . We are open today from 12.30-5pm. And we are no processing your web orders 6 days a week, so any orders made today will be out in the post tomorrow - how great is that?!

Three little mice come out to play... Well, maybe not quite; but our mice cheese boards and knives are back in stock at least. Each knife is designed to perfectly cut through a different type of cheese making them extremely practical on top of being so damn sweet. I mean, just look at those ears, right?! . We are closed to the public today, BUT we are processing your online orders, so if you need something in a flash, then no problem! .

Well after that weekend I am not sure if I am coming or going, but the one thing I do know is that we are open and very happy to be packing up all of your lovely orders, as we settle into a nice chilled Tuesday morning. If you are thinking about getting out and about, don’t let the damp fool you, it is actually lovely out.

ACK IN STOCK! We are delighted to have more of these wee vases back in stock. The Spun vase is made by the super talented @coolreedesign. We have it in 4 colours at the moment and we love how single stem flowers look in these neat little vases.

We love cards here at Designist. Nothing says you are thinking about someone better than a really good card. . . Did you know that the majority of the cards we stock are produced in house and designed by a whole smattering of talented designers and illustrators based here in Ireland? . One of the things we love the most is when people order a card online and ask us to handwrite a message and send it directly to their loved one. ‘Cos let’s be honest, at the moment we may not be able to see everyone who matters to us, but we can at least send a hug, a kind word, a card that says your thinking of them.

I have been distracting myself from real jobs today by rearranging the very lovely Ursula bag. Isn’t it a thing of beauty? I am particularly loving it beside these strom vases and bowls ❤️💙❤️💙 Oh and guess who is in the shop today? Say hi and welcome back to Jennie!!!

We do love wrapping up a nice present here at Designist. And it is so nice to see all the lovely messages you ask us to write for all your loved ones. If you are getting super organised with your gift giving, why not let us organise everything? You select the products, tell us who to send what to, and we will write the cards, wrap everything up, and post each gift out directly to your loved ones. And if you don’t want them to receive the gift yet, just tell us what date you want us to post it on. Gift giving made easy with Designist :)

Like many busy families, we sometimes struggle with food waste in our house. That half an avocado always seems to get lost in the back of the fridge, and we can never find the right lid for our food containers to keep last night’s dinner safe, and our bread, well, after all the effort that went into its making, it is sad it is just left so unceremoniously in the cupboard. What I really love about these beeswax wraps is how much it feels like wrapping up a special present for another day - a lovely wrapped piece of bread will not be over looked, or forgotten about. . Each sheet is made from organic cotton with an attractive bee pattern on it. The natural qualities of the beeswax helps keep your food fresh that little longer than plastic wraps or containers - a definite plus. Plus then there is the smell. You can not beat the smell of beeswax, so good. . We currently have two types of wraps in stock, the bread wrap, a generously sized wrap perfect for that lovely made loaf of bread, and a 3 size variety pack, perfect for covering a variety of sized food items, from half slices of fruit, covering bowls, and containing little snacks. . We are open today from 12.30-5pm. We are always online and we now process your orders 6 days a week (yippee!)

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