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Our birthday lists...

Our birthday lists...

Today is an extra special day at Designist, we have, not one, but two staff birthdays to celebrate! To mark the occasion we had a chat about what we'd pick out if we were choosing our own birthday presents from the shop. (Cough cough, hint, cough, ahem)


Olio Wooden Hand Server

The wooden hand server is one of my all time favourite things in the shop. I'm constantly having friends over for dinner and the server is such a good size for groups. The wooden handle is really useful as it's easy to carry and the oak is so beautiful that it looks great on any table, even when it's empty.

Hands Lamp

I've fallen completely in love with the new Hands Lamp by Ned Kaar. Ned uses new materials paired with traditional craft techniques to create his pieces. The lamps are beautiful and the foam lampshade creates a lovely soft light. They're just so tactile. You can't help wanting to touch the cork on the base of the lamp & the untreated ply wood is amazing!

Riedel Wine Glasses

Look, you can never have enough wine glasses, and these guys are just the best! I'm such a sucker for stemless glasses, and these are weighted really nicely, they feel great in your hand. Riedel are the first company to create glasses specifically for different strains of grapes and it really does make such a difference to the taste. (I probably shouldn't say this but Guinness tastes amazing out of these glasses too!)



Even though I'm surrounded by all these amazing products am genuinely the most indecisive person in the world so picking something for me is hard. But I have had my eye on the Okidome for a while now. I love having plants in my room but as it's quite dark I've managed to kill a few. With the Okidome I could stick them to my window where they'd get more light so I might have a better sucess rate. 

Cheese Board & Knives

I bought a cheese making kit for my friend just before Christmas (would definitely recommend!) and since then we've had cheese club* every couple of weeks where we all drink wine and make cheese. We also eat a lot of cheese at cheese club so I feel like the cheese board set would be a great addition to the night! The rubber wood is really smooth and lovely and I can't deal with how cute the mice are.

Oval Oak Decanter

The decanter would also make a pretty great addition to cheese club, it airs your wine out aand it's glamorous as hell, totally up my street. I love the wooden ball as a lid, it's really satisfying. I think using it, I'd always feel like I was on holidays in France somewhere, which is definitely a plus, especially with the sate of the weather in Ireland.  


There it is, our birthday wish lists! We hope it serves as some inspiration for buying for any of your Taurus pals. Check out the rest of our gift collections here

*The first rule of cheese club is that you don't talk about cheese club

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