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Blessed are the cheesemakers

Blessed are the cheesemakers

Cheese making is a great activity for January, it's quick, easy, loads of fun and most importantly, DELICIOUS! Pick up either our Mediterranean Cheese Making Kit or the Vegan kit if you're off the dairy, invite some friends around, and make loads of cheese!!


It can be a good idea to prepare some other ingredients so you can enjoy your freshly made cheese in a delicious dish or meal. A classic caprese salad for the mozzarella, or a delicious veggie pasta bake with the halloumi.

From the mediterranean kit, the Mozzarella is probably the easiest and most fun! Just make sure you have rubber gloves to knead the cheese, because if you can handle it without gloves the cheese is not hot enough to stretch. After a bit of practice you can have a lot of fun with the stretching, and you can form your mozza balls in to all sorts of interesting shapes.

Above: Our freshly set halloumi is almost ready to eat!

Right: Simon separates the curds from the whey.

Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and everything you need to make the cheese apart from the milk (and nuts for the vegan kit). There's also some delicious recipes and ideas for preparing your cheesy dishes included in the kit, like the Fried Halloumi and Caper salad (opposite) or a Vegan Chocolate Cake with Ricotta Icing.


The possibilities are endless when your making your own cheese!


Check out the Mediterranean Cheese Kit here and the Vegan Cheese Kit here.

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