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Do You Nose it? Prove it! Design the Next Scent of Ireland and Win

Do You Nose it? Prove it! Design the Next Scent of Ireland and Win

Ever wanted to design your own scent? Well here's the chance.


We have teamed up with Lucy Hegarty the brains (and nose) behind La Bougie Candles in this very special competition. Lucy was an executive chef who trained to become a perfumer and a candle maker, when she fell in love with an Irish farmer. All her Crop range of candles are inspired by the farm she lives on in Ballinspittle in Cork.She's agreed to produce a new Crop candle exclusively for Designist, we just need to give her the inspiration of what the scent should be.


So, what smell reminds you most of Ireland in Summer?


Rain and freshly cut grass and the smell of the earth on a sunny day without a doubt are up there in our top five. And many of you agree with us. But these are already pretty spectacular crop candles. So let's get a bit more creative.


What about the smell of those warm jam sandwiches on the beach mixing with the sea air? or maybe the musty smell of Trinity library and stacks of books; or the boggy, mossy smell of water logged summer holidays; up mountains, through fields, with only friendly sheep for neighbours? ah happy days. Maybe it has to be the inside of Grogan's on a friday eve. Classic. Or even the long forgotten smell of wasted hops from the Guiness factory spread out over all the flowerbeds in parks across Dublin  (what, no? is that one just me then?!).


Ok, you guys can do better.
So over to you; what are YOUR favourite smells?
You have until midnight on 13th of April to send us your suggestions. Then the fantabulous Lucy will select her top 5 for us to all vote on. The final winning smell will then be turned into a limited run of exclusive crop candles for Designist, and sure we will even throw a few freebie candles to whoever comes up with the winning suggestion.


SO get your smells on. AND GO.
1. Come up with an amazing smell combo. 
2. Go to to our page in Instagram or Facebook page, find the competition post and comment!!
Not into social media? You can email your entry to with #yourfivescent in the subject bar.
3. You can enter as many times as you like. 


The best 5 suggestions will be selected by Lucy after the 13th of April and these will then be put to a public vote. The overall winning scent will then be made by Lucy into a real live crop candle, exclusive to Designist. 
The winner will receive few freebie candles and mucho kudos.
Stuck for ideas?
Why not follow #yourfivescent to see what others have suggested?
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