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68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534

  • Mammies of designist - Jennie

    Mammies of designist - Jennie

    Hi, I'm Jennie. This Mother's day is particularly special for me as it's my first as a Mammy (or really my 2nd, Rowan was born in early March, so much like birthdays over the last year I don't think the last...

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  • You can('t) take me out anytime

    You can('t) take me out anytime

    Meet the Maker: Sam Agus NessaOnce upon a time in a far-off land, a boy called Sam agus a girl called Nessa, loved to drink tea and make things. One day, after sharing a big mug of tea, Sam agus Nessa decided to...

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  • Competitions and Meet the Maker

    Competitions and Meet the Maker

    We are lucky to work with a bucket load of talented Irish designers and makers. Over the next while, each Monday (shush, it’s still Monday, I swear!), we will be handing the reins over to one of the designers we...

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  • Competition Time!!!

    Competition Time!!!

    Are you the smushy loving, rose buying chocolate lavishing type or all just a bit of bah humbug when it comes to Valentine's day? We all have different approaches to Feb 14th. Yes, it’s an enforced Hallmark holiday but it’s nice...

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  • The Empty Plinth at Berkeley Library in Trinity

    The Empty Plinth at Berkeley Library in Trinity

    Have you ever noticed this empty plinth in the grounds of Trinity College in Dublin? What's it for? How did it get there?  We are running a competition called Badly Designed Dublin #badlydesigneddublin in collaboration with Badly Made Books for...

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  • St. Patrick's Day Instagram Competition

    St. Patrick's Day Instagram Competition

     Win this beautiful hand-made Irish lamp! With St. Patrick's Day coming up, this month we're all about celebrating Irish design. We're thrilled to have some brand new designers and producers in stock (read more here). We are also giving away...

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  • dad jokes?...

    dad jokes?...

    "Dad, can you give me a lift?" "Sure kid, you’re a talented child, and me and your mum are so proud of you!" So we all know the deal with dads and jokes. The usual response is a cringe or a...

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