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Flipping Perfect: Pancake recipes for everyone

Flipping Perfect: Pancake recipes for everyone

With Shrove Tuesday just a few days away, we decided it is time to up our game and add a little extra lift, joy and flavour to the humble pancake. There are a host of different styles of pancake, from the traditional large, thin crepe style pancake made with milk or buttermilk, to fluffy stacking pancakes, to little coin sized blini treats. Here is our look at some of the best recipes online at the moment.


Traditional pancakes 

Clodagh McKenna brings us the perfect traditional pancake recipe, guaranteed to bring back nostalgic childhood memories. Thin and tasty, covered in a layer of castor sugar and fresh lemon, they are the perfect mix of sweet, sour and yum.

American Style Pancakes

Donal Skehan cooks with his son Noah in this little video, demonstrating how to make the thicker, smaller, fluffier style of pancake. Great for stacking and adding layers to, they are a very different beast to the crepe style Clodagh demonstrates. Increasingly popular in recent years, they area handy alternative to have in one's repertoire.


Now we have the basics down, here is a little selection of recipes that we think are the bees knees.

Do you have a recipe you think  we should include to our list? Tag us on Instagram @wearedesignist with the hashtag #designistpancakes and we'll add them to the list.


4 ingredient oat pancakes by Roz Purcell

 I love the simplicity of this recipe by Roz Purcell. Designed to be vegan if you want, it combines banana, oats, cacao powder and milk (or milk alternative) to create soft, chunky and supremely tasty pancakes. Check out her blog Natural Born feeder for many more brilliant recipes.


Ginger Bread Pancakes by Donal Skehan

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for gingerbread recipes. For me they are certainly not just for Christmas. So I was very excited to see this gingerbread pancake recipe by Donal Skehan. 


Fluffy Ricotta and Stewed apple pancakes by The Gastro Gays


This recipe by the The Gastro Gays adds ricotta and whisked egg whites to the batter mix to make it super fluffy and soft. With lashing of Greek yogurt and stewed apple on top, this is a great way to see in the spring.


Chocolate Pancakes by Jeeny Maltese

 Here is some utter decadence from Jeeny Maltese. Made with yogurt, oats and lashings of with cocoa powder, these taste beautiful with chocolate sauce or ganache and raspberries. And if you are really one for your chocolate, Why not up your chocolate game and use some 70% hot chocolate by The proper chocolate company? It really works, we promise (Just make sure to melt the shavings in some milk before mixing).


 Red Velvet Pancakes by Aileen Cox Blundell

red velvet pancakes

 These beauties are by Aileen Cox Blundell and while they are designed for baby led feeding, we think they make a great treat for all the family. Made with softly roasted beetroot, vanilla and banana and coconut ice cream, these bite sized pancakes are creamy, healthy and so yum.


Pancake Cannoli by Catherine Fulvio

 This Italian inspired pancake recipe brings the humble crepe pancake to a whole new level. We love the combination of vanilla and candied lemon peel. really good and bound to please everyone, pancake lover or not.


Savoury Pancakes

There is a wealth of savoury recipes out there. Here are our three top favourite.


 Crispy Pancakes by the Gastro Gays

Another recipe from the The Gastro Gays, because we just couldn't resist - this is an updated, and exceptionally tasty, version of those crispy pancakes that were part of so many of our childhoods.


Boxty Potato pancakes by Donal Skehan

This potato pancake recipe by Donal Skehan uses grated and mashed potato, spring onions and cheddar to create an utterly scrumptious accompaniment to an Irish breakfast. 


Smoked Irish Salmon Blini by Simon Delaney

These bite sized pancakes make the best little canapes, or finger food for little ones. Coin sized you can put anything on top, but we particularly love this smoked salmon recipe by irish actor and cookbook writer Simon Delaney.


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