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  • Introducing: Unbreakable Wine Glasses
    March 1, 2023

    Introducing: Unbreakable Wine Glasses

    When I was a kid we had this most elaborate aqua coloured punch bowl. Its joyful colour and design brought ceremony to any meal, regardless of whether it was being used for party drinks or the more mundane Tuesday salad....

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  • introducing: monkey cups
    August 30, 2022

    introducing: monkey cups

    As you’ll have no doubt heard with all the coverage of the hilariously named ‘Latte Levy’ we discard 200 million disposable cups every year in Ireland. We’ve been taken in by the convenience of disposable cups, but in terms of design...

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  • our favourite irish shops
    August 10, 2022

    our favourite irish shops

    The recent campaign by the Gloss and The Shopkeepers focusing on just how excellent small Irish retailers are, has got us thinking about what amazing shopping experiences there are out there around the country. Folks who are dedicated to both...

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  • How to make a Great Lunch
    July 7, 2022

    How to make a Great Lunch

    The changes to society as a result of the pandemic are far reaching and are still only beginning to be felt. The most evident change so far is in our relationship to work. There’s been a million podcasts and think...

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