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flowers eternal: Slow Pharmacy

flowers eternal: Slow Pharmacy

Preserved Fresh cut flowers designed to last a lifetime

There are few better ways to say thank you, I love you, or well done than with a bunch of flowers. They’re a classic for a reason, however the ephemeral nature of cut flowers has always bothered me. When the flowers start to wilt two days later does that mean you don’t love me any more or that thing that took great effort to achieve doesn’t count anymore? 


An often tried solution has been to give people a plant, or failing that, dried flowers - both of which involve more dusting and minding than should reasonably be expected from any one claim to care about. With all that in the back of my mind I got pretty excited when we came across Slow Pharmacy. 


This innovative South Korean Company's specimen bottles have been described as botanical poetry in a bottle. Each plant is hand selected, dried and then submerged in a secret solution of ‘herbarium oil’ that preserves the specimens while amplifying both colour and clarity. The minimalist almost laboratory style vials invite you to contemplate the uniqueness of each plant.


They have taken some unusual plants that may be otherwise overlooked and elevated them to treasures. Baby’s breath which is often used as filler in other flower arrangements, gets to take centre stage. Piper Nigrum, the plant we get black peppercorns from is prized here for its shape & colour over it’s practical use. Delphinium, often cultivated to produce ink, is admired here for its ornamental value. 


To me they seem to be to express your feelings in a way that won’t fade with the passing of time.



Here is a little video from the makers of slow pharmacy, talking about their philosophy.


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