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Product Focus: The New Kintsugi Kits

Product Focus: The New Kintsugi Kits

How do you fix broken ceramics?


broken tea pot

We have all been there; we are distracted for a split second and crash the favourite mug/tea pot/vase crashes to the ground and shatters. That is when the New Kintsugi Repair Kits come in.






ceramic repaired with gold kintsugi

What is Kintsugi?

The new Kintsugi kits update an age old tradition of repair, which stems from Japan and treats broken ceramics with a lacquer and fine gold dust. Kintsugi treats each breakage, and repair, as part of the objects journey. Instead of trying to hide the mend, it highlights it with gold, acting often as an embellishment to the original item. 



The New Kintsugi Repair kit
The New Kintsugi Repair kit uses a strong two part  epoxy resin glue and cosmetic grade gold dust. The really nice thing about this updated kit is that it is possible not only to repair ceramic, but also pretty much most rigid material glass, marble, stone, cement, metal, etc.

Because of the inert properties of the epoxy glue once fully set (i.e. it doesn't leach out any nasties), the makers say it is ideal for repairing those favourite mugs and other well loved and used items around the house.


How to repair an object

Created by the clever folk at humade, take a look at this little video that shows how the technique works. 


fixed tea pot

Or if you want a little bit of a laugh, and to see another take on how to mend broken things, check out our (somewhat dodgily made) video on how to use this kit, we have one over on instagram

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