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Gadget-gifts fo' yo' Gadget-Dad

Gadget-gifts fo' yo' Gadget-Dad

Some dads like gardening, some dads like golfing and some dads like gadgets. Here are some great gadget-related gifts to delight your gadget-enthusiast Dad.

1) BBQ Toolbox

A travel BBQ that looks like A TOOLBOX?! Ain't nothing more gadgety than that. The toolbox BBQ is a nifty little portable barbeque that you can take anywhere with you. Complete with a grill, warming rack, storage tray (condiments are key) and an adjustable vent to control oxygen flow!

2) Drink Stones

Drink Stones are a great summer gadget, pop them in your glass and keep your drink cool without watering it down. These guys are really great for whiskey and now come in a set with a pair of rocking whiskey glasses for the ultimate whiskey-loving-gadget-loving-dad gift.

3) Handy Hammer

The Handy Hammer is gadgets inside another gadget. Gasp! No, it's actually really useful and handy set of screwdrivers that fit inside the handle of the hammer. Some dads like fixing things.

4) Storm Glass

There's nothing dads like to talk about more than the weather. Help him stay ahead of the game and know what's coming next week with this fascinating Storm Glass based on Admiral Fitzroy's original weather predicting gadget.

5) Fridge Monkey

Fridge Monkey is an ingenious invention for stacking your Da's brewskis in the fridge so they don't fall and crush your avocados (and your home-owning dreams).

We have plenty more gifts for all kinds of dads here and (don't forget a card)!

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