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gift guide: Our Guide to Fathers day gifts

gift guide: Our Guide to Fathers day gifts

What do Dad’s want? The old joke would suggest they ‘just want to rest their eyes for five minutes’ - bah-dum-tish!

Poor Dad’s get a hard time of it but it’s worth considering why they might be in need of a wee nap. I think it mostly boils down to the one thing they definitely want: to know you’re okay. They want to know that all the worrying, encouraging, ferrying and capering was enough, and that at this very moment you are fine and that they can rest their eyes for five minutes. 


But short of leaving him in peace for a bit, how do you show the old man how much you appreciate him this Father’s day? Check out our selection of thoughtful pressies to surprise and delight him on the 19th June

  1. And for Mains - the meat eaters new manual
    and for mains - a cookbook for the meat lover
  2. Huntersons Wallets - The ideal way to add a bit of magic to the everyday 
    hunterson wallets - a little bit of magic everyday
  3. Build Your Own - The ideal gift for your DIY Dad 
    build your own
  4. Sugru - will fix anything but a broken heart 
    sugru - will fix almost anything
  5. Plectrum Maker - for the eco conscious rock god in your life 
    plectrum maker
  6. Survival Kit - to face any emergencies
    survival kit
  7. Hot Fat - deep fried deliciousness 
    hot fat - a gastronomical cookbook
  8. Sock Subscription - a treat for his feet
    sock subscriptions
  9. How to build a bike in a weekend - now there’s a challenge 
    how to build a bike (in a weekend)
  10. DIY Miniature Greenhouse - Far easier to maintain than the real thing 
    diy mini greenhouse

Curious to know more about why we do Father’s day in the first place? Here’s a blog we did about it all the way back in 2015.
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