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Gift ideas for someone who is pure notions

Gift ideas for someone who is pure notions

You know the type, the one's that say 'I only drink champagne, prosecco is for peasants' or 'The bus? I think not!'. Some call it delusions of grandeur, in Ireland we call it notions. And if you're a bit fond of yourself yourself, we salute you! There's nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life. So we've put together a collection of gift ideas to celebrate anyone who's a bit notions.








Now you can wear your notions with pride with this enamel pin by Fintan Wall!








A plastic straw in your Whiskey Sour?! No thank you. Metal straws are far better.






Breakfast, Macroom Oatmeal with Saturn Peaches, dinner, Slow Roasted Salmon with Blood Orange, Lemon Fennel and Dill, and Pecan and White Chocolate Banana Loaf for afters. The Currabinny Cookbook is full to the brim of foodie notions.








Leave your bag on that filthy floor?! Never! Keep your valuables pristine clean (and safe) with this very clever portable bag hook!





You wouldn't be caught dead drinking from a plastic bottle? Hydrate yourself from a beautiful glass vessle instead. Made from Borosilicate glass, these are best glass water bottle you'll come across, in our humble opinion.





We'd never see a pack of Shake n Vac in your cupboard, would we?! A totally natural, soy candle scented with the delicious fragrances of the produce of Ireland is a much better way to freshen your home. Like this lovely range of Crop Candles, handmade in Co. Cork.





Modern app filters are such a common way to get great effects on your photos. Use actual clip-on lenses instead for a purer image. The Phone Lens Kit comes with three lenses for creating epic looking photos.







Bending and stretching to plug your phone in and out is such a bother. Maintain your perfect posture by using this extra long braided iPhone charger instead!







And finally, if you scoff at your marguerita being served in a slim jim, then this set of 4 individually shaped cocktail glasses handmade made from mouthblown glass is for you!

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