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Holy Crepe! It's flippin' Pancake Day!

Holy Crepe! It's flippin' Pancake Day!

Pancake Tuesday is here and we are so flippin' excited! Of course we can have them any day of the year but this is a day we can't NOT have them! It's become a bit of a tradition to gather all our friends and all feast on these tasty treats, but of course there's not one-for-all batter for all recipe for our lot! Some friends are vegan, some wheat free, and some sugar free but that's no problem, there's a recipe for everyone and its so easy to whip up a few different batters. We've got some clever kitchen utensils that are perfect for pancakes - the big Supoon spatula for cooking our pancakes and the mini supoon to get every last bit of nutella/nut butter/jam out of the jar and the Nessie Ladle for an even pour every time! We have found lots of inspiration on our bookshelves and below are a few favourites.


There's nothing better then a birra batter and you can't get a better than the batter recipes in Lateral Cooking. The great thing about this book is it is packed with classic recipes but it also explores batter and takes you on a 'lateral' journey from crepes to tempura to fritters to churros!

We are obsessed with the Currabinny Cookbook! These Rye spring onion pancakes with lime and chilli butter sound delicious! They are extremely healthy but still packed with flavour. The rye flour really complements the spinach and spring onion, and is full of fibre and lower in gluten than regular flour. Especially good when paired with the zingy lime and chilli butter!


Bosh is packed with amazing vegan recipes and we love their banana pancakes with blueberries and coconut cream, a guilt free treat to finish our pancake feast! They have a fantastic video channel too and heres a link to some great vegan pancake recipes.

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