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How to make a tent a home

How to make a tent a home

The festival season has been raining upon us (literally raining in many cases), and we're all getting ready for the last hurrah at Electric Picnic this weekend. The weather's due to be good, but really, could you trust it? For the just-in-case-camper, we have some really handy things that can make 'tented life' feel a little more pampered and a whole lot easier to enjoy. 

With all that pesky rain making our festivals an authentic Irish camping experience, this (phone) life saver, the waterproof sleeve, is deadly thing to bring. It is waterproof up to 5 feet, hangs safely around your neck, and allows you to use your phone through the plastic. So it will keep your phone dry and ensure the wet doesn't dampen your spirits (or your ability to contact your mates).

Avoid the queues and the needless added cost of buying water bottles; most festivals have taps provided around the campsite, and while sometimes they may have a certain unusual festival 'tang' to them, that can easily be remedied by using a Eau Water Bottle with its charcoal filter. Removing chlorine and other nasties, as well as making the water softer, it will definitely encourage you to drink more uisce. Don't forget kids, regular hydration is key to festival survival. 

Eau Good water bottle

While we're on the matter of saving plastic bottles, lets save on the disposable cups while we're at it. The Portable Wine Glasses are a festival and picnic favourite for us. They have a carry strap that let you hang them from a bag and makes them handy to carry. The stems twist off the base and act as lids for easy compact carrying. BPA free too! 

Portable wine glasses

Now, to protect our tushes from the wet, soiled, well-trodden ground; the adorable Bear Skin Picnic Blanket is going to be a comfort. It's a bear skin shaped blanket with a pocket that packs the whole blanket into a cute bear head for carrying. It's got a waterproof underside and a fabric upper, keeping you dry and comfortable on the ground. 

So the sun has set on the festivities and now you need to rummage through the tent in the pitch dark looking for baby wipes and battery packs, but your tent mates are fast asleep. Try using the discrete but effective purse light; it's small, flexible and loops around anything to attach it to yourself so you don't end up lost in the dark. 

Portable Purse Silicone LED Light

And just because we are out in a festival doesn't mean we can't stay fresh and clean, with all natural, Irish ingredients! It's nice to be gentle to your skin when your facing the rough elements of rain, mud and everything else. The Handmade Soap Co. have you covered (and lathered) in their Travel Pack complete with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and soap puck. Super handy kit.

Handmade Soap Travel Pack

Now your feeling right at home, feeling just as pampered out in a mucky field as you would beside a fire in a armchair.

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