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I love lamp

Locomocean is a London-based design company that has been specialising in lighting products for 22 years. Established by Richard Hinton in 1994, their mission is to bring innovative and fun designs at affordable prices into your home, office or shop. It's not hard to see why their products are so sought after, we particularly love the sophisticated but playful designs of their vintage lamp range.  

Each of the lamps have their own character about them, expressive in style and nature using warm inviting materials which yearn to be touched and felt. Even their names lending a description to the character they possess;  

Fido lamp designistFido meaning “faithful dog” in Latin is the loyal companion eagerly waiting to welcome his owner home. The three legged design with tilting long neck and head resembles a dog sitting in anticipation. It can be adjusted to sit straight up with a long neckline or to be laid down low like a dog ready to pounce.  

Mech is the mechanical lamp with its joints and pivots clearly visible using them as a striking design feature. Adjustable on three hinges, allowing for a wide degree of movement and varying array of lighting angles. Mech is both versatile and purposeful, easy to adjust but also sitting beautifully when static with its copper coned shade and warm wooden body.

Mech Desk Lamp Designist   

, a solid, stout and striking form, its side profile clean and uncluttered , this lamp has a fixed shape and wonderful warm wood grains running along its body and neck, supporting a matt black finished head, beautifully weighted in a balanced composition to its body, the lamp looking like it has just dozed off into a slumber, and could wake from at any moment. 

Oulu may have its origins in the Saami words which loosely mean 'flood water', 'melted snow', in reference to its flowing copper stem. The gleaming copper base, which looks like a pool of copper from which its elegant slim neck stems upwards from until the contrasting finish of matte black on the top half bends into two 90 degree bends, with the bulbous filament light bulb now a drop of light dripping from the lamps slim frame. A striking piece which puts what ever bulb in use on show. 

Oulu Copper Lamp Designist


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