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  • what easter break?!?

    what easter break?!?

    ‘Will you do us a blog post about the Easter break, there?’ they asked.  ‘Yeah sure,’ I replied, ‘But what Easter break are you talking about?’ A break means places to go, new clothes to show off, and people to...

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  • Leuchtturm 2021

    Leuchtturm 2021

    We've been stocking Leuchtturm since 2014 and always get a bit giddy when their new catalogue lands. While making some of the best quality notebooks around (numbered pages, pocket at the back, multiple page markers, thread sewn so they lay...

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  • A place for everything, and everything in its place

    Thanks to Benjamin Franklin for providing the title for today's little bulletin. Are you sick of looking everywhere for your stationery bits and bobs? Have you no particular place for your paperclips? No pocket for your pencils? No shelf for your sharpener?...

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  • KaiGami - Origami inspired light shades!

    KaiGami - Origami inspired light shades!

    KaiGami are an English company designing and making beautiful lampshades at their plant in Sussex. Taking their inspiration from the East - Kai is Japanese for cut and Gami refers to the ancient art of Origami - they have designed a...

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  • I love lamp

    Locomocean is a London-based design company that has been specialising in lighting products for 22 years. Established by Richard Hinton in 1994, their mission is to bring innovative and fun designs at affordable prices into your home, office or shop....

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