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April Showers, May Hail, Sun & Whatever Else Will be Thrown at Us

April Showers, May Hail, Sun & Whatever Else Will be Thrown at Us

This morning, I left the house in top form, wearing summer trainers and sunglasses. I gleefully applied a bit of sunscreen to my nose and forehead before setting out. It's barely just May - Sure this is great, I hummed to myself.

By the time I got to town, I was frozen solid, soaked to the skin, and had been pelted with hailstones (owch), twice. I had also listened to 40 minutes of news chat about how our summer was sure to see endless outdoor dining, cheerful but not too full beer gardens, and socially distanced cultural events. My mix of excitement and anticipation was probably not visible on my frozen, weather beaten face. Oh Irish weather, why are you such a strange and cruel mistress!??!

We're so delighted to hear announcements today around the easing of restrictions, and the introduction of click and collect NEXT MONDAY, on May 10th. WooHoo! We've missed you. We've missed your faces. We've missed chatting about our products with you. We've missed chatting about the weather with you!

In celebration of the CRAZY weather, and the gradual reopening of the shop on May 10th (Click & Collect) and then May 17th (for real live actual humans), and in anticipation of another Irish summer of outdoor living, we have added some new bits to the irish summer collection and also refreshed our collection of bags for getting out and about with. On and of course a fablous collection of Irish scented candles, so as you can really smell the irish summer, even if the weather won't let you get out into it. Take a look, plan your summer, grab yourself something beautiful, and settle in for another few months of unpredictable A F weather   :)

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