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it's all go!

it's all go!

The November air is cool and crisp, and you're all bundled up in your coats and scarves, ready to get going with your shopping for you-know-what. We've had a wonderful, busy week here at designist. Have a look at some of the new stock we've got in store for you!


The octagon desk light is so clever. It can be adjusted to 4 different angles and 4 different brightness levels so it suits any mood. The walnut finish and design is minimal and stylish and will make your desk (or shelf) look so much more polished. We reckon it’s a great gift for anyone with a home office.



Take your packed lunch game to the next level with our stylish stainless steel lunchbox. Not only is it completely leakproof and bpa free, it has internal dividers to keep different foods separate so no more flavour mashups (unless you want them). It happily goes in the dishwasher and can even be used as an oven dish! The handy fork sits in a little holder on the outside so you've always got what you need to have lunch anywhere.



As usual we can barely keep this one from Roberta Murray in stock...



It's a hot whiskey kinda day isn't it? Sadly, Jennie doesn't allow drinking on the job so we're making do with this. The Whiskey Candle from Crop Candles in Cork has notes of cocoa, patchouli, pink peppercorn and smells deliciously like a nice hot toddy on a rainy, miserable afternoon in November 🕯️



Love how these beautiful cubist-inspired Strøm bowls, jugs and vases from Raawii make such a strong yet simple statement. Beautiful and extremely functional, they are brilliant gifts for anyone building a home.



We are so delighted that Constellations by Sinéad Gleeson won at the An Post Book Awards the other night. It's a beautiful book that touches the soul on so many levels and one that everyone should read. Well done Sinéad!



Good morning everyone. The weather's been miserable 🌩️☔ but that hasn't stopped a lot of you making a start on the Christmas shopping over the past few days. We have deliveries coming in everyday so be sure and pop in if you're looking to knock a couple of gifts off the list this weekend.



Keep things highbrow (for at least part of) Christmas this year with our brilliant selection of books.


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