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It's here

It's here

Autumn happened this week. How do I know? Because I slipped on wet leaves yesterday and landed, with the grace of an expectant hippo, on the path. Nice. We are thrown a 'two-sunny-days-in-a-row 'curveball to distract us and then...boom! It happens, just like that. I like Autumn, though. Summers can be tiresome, with all those hopes and expectations (dashed and unrealistic, respectively). We are a nation replete with optimism when it comes to the weather, but once those leaves start to fall, we can finally give up the ghost, stop wishing for sun and start the commentary on the evenings "drawing in".
Autumnal palette
So, what's to love about Autumn? I never tire of the autumnal palette. Those rich russets, browns and golds provide such a beautiful backdrop for everything. I love getting my woollens out of storage - jumpers, scarves, is officially time to get cosy. I like that I get to switch on my lamps earlier in the evening. My house looks better lamp-lit. I'd say most houses look better lamp-lit. The right lamp can add such character to a room, not to mention hide a multitude of sins (I'm talking cracks in walls, flaky paint and children's pawprints).  Reason Number 4...Soups and Stews. Food gets heartier at this time of year, and that's the way I like it. There's no better feeling than making an enormous pot of something and then reaping the rewards of lunches, dinners and teas for days after. See our cook book collection for inspiration. And finally, lighting fires and candles...oh, and wearing tights again.
Handmade soap co candles at designist

So, if you feel like treating yourself or a friend,  have a look at our Autumn Collection and check out our Pinterest board for more Autumn inspiration (teaser...there will be hedgehogs!)

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