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KaiGami - Origami inspired light shades!

KaiGami - Origami inspired light shades!

Nautica and Swirl lampshades

KaiGami are an English company designing and making beautiful lampshades at their plant in Sussex. Taking their inspiration from the East - Kai is Japanese for cut and Gami refers to the ancient art of Origami - they have designed a range of shades that are functional and innovative, and at the same time elegant, evocative and very beautiful. Made from two-dimensional malleable materials, their pieces have wonderful depth and look at-home in so many settings, evoking different things for different people. What we have found, however, on the shopfloor, is that these shades have an almost universal appeal - making them an ideal gift for someone moving into a new home.  

The Papillon takes its inspiration from butterfly wings, the shade looking like resting butterflies around a glowing centre. Made from high-quality polypropylene, it is durable, easy to clean and recyclable.

Papillon lampshade

The Swirl is one fluid motion, with intersecting spirals which create subtle heart shaped moments within its soft, flowing lines. It is calming and centring us for a moment, inviting us to reflect and pause in our day. Made from polypropylene. 

Swirl lampshade

Also made from white polypropylene, the Nautica evokes the ocean and all its wonderful forms. Like a wave, the energy of its spiralling curves builds from the centre and radiates outwards throwing light through its ribcage. 

Nautica lampshade

For those who appreciate the form but prefer a warmer finish, the Nautica also comes in a truly beautiful birch plywood version, whose grain catches the light in a subtle and nuanced way This piece has all the style and refinement of its polypropylene friend, but with an earthy quality that many will appreciate. 

The Papillon, Orchid and Swirl pieces are all joined together with clear polypropylene rivets and are put together (in a short time) in an easy series of satisfying pinches. It's really fascinating to see the unique forms reveal themselves; the time and energy that goes into the design of these shades really shows through in the process of assembling them.

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