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last week at designist

last week at designist

We love the look of these bags! They are called Loqi bags and they come in the most beautiful prints and are super practical. They can carry up to 20 kilos and are long-lasting, water-resistant and washable! Come in and see which one you like best.



Holy Show is a new arts magazine that showcases a diverse mix of fresh writing on contemporary Irish life and culture. With beautiful photography, it ponders where we’re at as a culture and society and features a long list of great artists like Laura Sheeran, Manchán Magan, John Conneely, Liadain O'Donovan and Julia Monard. As the Project Arts Centre put it, Issue 01 reads like something between an entrancingly esoteric lecture and the best pub conversation you’ve ever had.



Need a notebook? We've got loads, including some absolute beauties from Nuuna, Duffy Bookbinders and a huge shipment of Leuchtturm1917 that came in this week.



Got a pen? The only problem with this Kikkerland Gel Ink Pen Set is keeping track of where they are. Customers repeat-buy the set because co-workers keep needing to “borrow” them. With 10 great colours they are perfect for bullet journaling, colouring or drawing. Your written note game will instantly become a whole lot snazzier.



We have some new Nuuna notebooks in stock and they are something special. Thread-stitched, durable and flexible, these gorgeous notebooks are designed to last and are a pleasure to use. Pop in and check them out!



Show off your salads in style with these bamboo salad bowls from Ekobo along with this beautiful oak nature salad set from Sagaform. The pair make a great gift for anyone setting up home or getting married.


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