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opening hours mon - sat 10 - 6pm, sun 12 - 5.30pm. closed 2nd & 3rd june
68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534

  • introducing our stationery subscriptions

    introducing our stationery subscriptions

    If you’re the type of Human who loves stationery then there’s few things as enjoyable as starting a new notebook. Cracking open the spine and making the first mark on the page is a ritual filled with both hope and...

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  • getting organised for autumn

    getting organised for autumn

    BACK IN STOCK!.These little gadgets make travelling child’s play. No need to have to remember those bulky sat navs or struggle as your partners yells directs out to you - these magnetic phone mounts attach to the air vent of...

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  • paying it forward

    paying it forward

    One of my fav. things about humans is our ability to pull together in tough times.  In an effort to help independent business all over Ireland, Small + Local was created. It has a lovely interactive map and the list of businesses...

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  • fresh february

    fresh february

    So ends the longest January in history, and with February comes Valentine's Day and lots of new products to be excited about.
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