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last week at designist

last week at designist

Books and libraries are where it’s at for fashion AW'19 and The Gloss featured our beautiful Book Light in their Interiors edition at the weekend. This lamp is absolutely ingenious (as well as super stylish). When closed, it can be tucked away into a little corner. Then, when opened, it casts great ambient light, which is perfect for reading.



Need a house warming gift? We've got loads of options to suit all budgets, plus a really great selection of cards by local artists.



In the last year it feels like we’ve all become a lot more aware of how necessary it is to make big changes if we’re going to avoid becoming extinct. The world is on fire and yes, consuming a lot less (and a lot better) is part of the solution but we all know it’s NOT ENOUGH. It took a kid to really bring things into focus. We are literally stealing the future from the next generation. Greta Thunberg began just a very short time ago, to speak plainly about the need to implement radical change now rather than later. Last Friday she called on adults as well as children to engage in a Climate Strike. We need to send a message to our government. Declaring a climate emergency is not enough. We need real action on this issue. Now.



We love this range of soy crop candles from Co Cork. The fragrances were all developed by Lucy Hagerty of La Bougie and are inspired by Ireland. In the shop we’re particularly loving Grass at the moment, which has notes of grapefruit, cassis and basil. With all this gorgeous autumn summer we want to have a picnic lunch on the grass today. We love the space in front of the Chester Beatty or Trinity.



It was a beautiful day for the climate strike 🌞. We all popped down, so there was a skeletal staff in the shop between 12 and 2 - thanks for bearing with us!



What a day! It was great to see so many people young and old on the streets for the Climate Strike. Well done Dublin. We hope you had a great Culture Night too!



From socks to clocks and stylish totes, we've got great design and inspiring gifts covered. Come in and have a browse!



Need a tote? This one from Jando of the iconic Poolbeg towers is one of our favourites.



Oliver Jeffers’s books are firm favourites of all the kids we know. His latest, The Fate of Fausto, is a beauty and a classic in the making. Fausto is a pompous pinstripe-suited man who, like most toddlers (and some political leaders we could mention), goes about claiming that everything is “Mine!” and generally making ridiculous demands. It’s a quirky, cautionary tale about selfishness and impatience that will make everyone smile. Using traditional lithographic printmaking techniques, Jeffers uses a gorgeous palate of neon pinks and yellows set against earthier brown, green and teal to illustrate what the Guardian calls “possibly the most beautiful book of the year”.



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