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NEW: card bundles so you are never caught short

NEW: card bundles so you are never caught short

We have all been there; a birthday that creeps up on you out of nowhere, an anniversary that *may* have forgotten about, or that last minute thank you needed; where usually you'd be on it, this time, when you check your drawer, it's empty - the card stash depleted, leaving you stuck without - oh the horror.

With our new designist card bundles, we want to save you the embarrassment of being caught short. We have selected some of our very best sellers and brought them together into 5 carefully crafted bundles, perfect for you to restock your drawer with and make sure you are never without.

Are you looking for a selection you can't see here? Sure drop us a line and tell us, you never know, it might become a bundle in the future.

all mixed up - rob stears card bundle

Just what is New Kintsugi?
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