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Novel Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Novel Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

We all have that one friend or family member who's impossible to buy for because it feels like they already have everything! Here in designist we're always on the lookout for new, interesting, unusual products, so here's a few novel gift ideas that might surprise your friend who has everything, and make you look really clever at the same time!  


The Popper is a very smart silicon gadget that pops from a 5 cm disc to a 13 cm bowl, in which you can pop your corn in the microwave completely oil-free! Its unique design means you can make a really healthy popcorn snack in minutes. Though we'd highly recommend some truffle oil and sea salt...yum! Your friend who has everything will love The Popper's functional and space-saving design.





Keyclip is an extremely handy little hook to hang your keys on, in a bag, suit jacket, or suitcase. It's an everyday, useful gadget that anybody will love for it's simple yet surprisingly useful function. They're so useful in fact, they come in a pack of two!

Of course the person who has everything has a smartphone, and a laptop and a tablet! But do they have a very useful tray to hold their tablet? The iBed lap desk is a purpose built stand for your tablet, which also acts as a tray, so you can use it on a plane, in bed, or while you're eating. A brilliant idea that lets you set up a work station any time, any place!

If they are a coffee drinker, the person who has everything might already have a reuseable coffee cup, but not like this one. Frank Green are an Australian company who want to do well by the planet, so they've made these beautifully designed cups from premium, safe materials to give you the best possible experience so you'll use your cup over and over again. It's definitely the nicest reuseable coffee cup we've used. Also available in Nude Rose and harbour mist.


Sometimes you have to pick something extraordinary for the person who has everything, and this awesome lamp is just the thing. It can sit at 4 different angles and with 4 different brightness settings, so it suits any mood. It has a touch button and the overall design is minimal with a polished walnut finish. The Octagon is wireless, rechargeable, and portable; so it's extremely useful and versatile, making it a much appreciated gift.  

Form Card is a fascinating and exciting new product; it's a meltable, mouldable, shapeable bio-plastic with limitless uses. When cool, it's strong and durable just like nylon. But when heated it is easily moulded to any shape, size or form. It's a practical solution to an array of household and everyday problems. This genius new product will fascinate anyone who hasn't seen it before.

We hope we've given you some giftspiration for someone in your life who's tough to buy for. For more gift ideas, check out our blogs on Gifts for Friends who are busy, and Gifts for mates with notions!

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