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our favourite irish shops

our favourite irish shops

The recent campaign by the Gloss and The Shopkeepers focusing on just how excellent small Irish retailers are, has got us thinking about what amazing shopping experiences there are out there around the country. Folks who are dedicated to both the theatre and service of shopkeeping. Deciding who to nominate was very tricky so we thought we’d make a list of some of our favourite shops right here instead.


Scout, Temple Bar

scout dublin

Wendy has such a keen eye for products, and I love the way she puts her collections together. I’m a particular fan of the black ash candlesticks she collaborated with Coolree designs on. She’s also just had a redesign of her shop in Templebar and it’s just beautiful. It’s well worth the trip if you haven’t been in a while. 


The Wilds Enniscorthy 

the wilds

My Nanna was a buyer for a department store in Enniscorthy before she met my grandfather (the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree) so I was absolutely delighted when this beautiful homeware store and café opened there in 2015. A mix of modern rustic interior pieces and really excellent cake. 


Ernie's Greengrocers, Galway 


Ernie’s is a throwback to what shopping was like before the Supermarket came along. In business for over 45 years,  Ernie's serves up some of the most contemporary Irish food brands along with traditional staples and fruit and veg, with the emphasis on quality and extremely charming service. 


The Old Mill Store, Cork 

the old mill

Tom & Claire’s shop in Connonagh, Cork is an absolute treasure trove of contemporary design. They’ve won countless awards including The Irish Times Best Shop Award and Best Independent retailer award; and you can completely see why. The collection wouldn’t be at all out of place in the likes of Coal Drops Yard but by situating themselves in the Cork countryside they have also managed to achieve the rarest of things in retail - work life balance. 


Duo Limerick


There are a few truly wonderful sustainable retailers out there but DUO has something extra special. Since moving to their larger retail space they’ve really be able to showcase a broader range of products that are as practical as they are popular. They also run yoga classes and serve excellent coffee.


Charlie Byrnes, Galway 

charlie byrne's bookshop

Charlie Byrnes is the epitome of an entirely different form of retail. Their staff are both incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, but really the point of a visit here is to make your own discoveries. To immerse yourself in their indefinite, eclectic selection of new and second-hand books. A place where you can spend hours refilling your to-be-read pile. 


Finders Keepers, Waterford 

finders keepers

Finders Keepers in Waterford is as unique as the town itself. Nestled under one of the excellent Waterford Walls Murals, this gem of a shop is excellently curated and beautifully merchandised. While Luke, Lisa, & Beth have a strong emphasis on sustainability within their collection, they've also put as much work in to offering you products that are full of delight. 


Pax Whole Foods Zero Waste Store


While Ernie's is an example of how grocery shopping worked in the past, PAX is an excellent example of how it should work in the future. Their minimal waste ranges are a shining example of how you can shop with less packaging and reuse more. They also take the role of retail as a community hub quite seriously, hosting swap shops for clothing & Halloween costumes, allowing you to borrow party supplies, and helping you work out the practical side of minimizing waste.
With so many great places to choose from you can see why it was hard to pick, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. If you’d like to cast a vote for any of the above (or us for that matter)  all the info is here
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