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Product Focus: ReMarkable and Create Me Gold Transfers

Product Focus: ReMarkable and Create Me Gold Transfers


How do I repair small holes and cover stains?

We have all been there. The small oil splashes on a favourite top, little moth holes in our woollens, and the dreaded splashes of bleach on those new trousers you knew you shouldn't be wearing while cleaning. And those red wine splashes on the lace table cloth made by the great - and late - auntie Jean. If you are like me and get very attached to your clothes, then this repairing technique might just be for you.
What is inside these kits?
Both the Create Me Kits and ReMarkable Kits contain thin gold iron transfers
, designed to go over little stains, tears, or blemishes. Much along the same idea of Kintsugi, rather than trying to make the item look new again, these transfers are designed to stand out and embellish textiles.
How do they work?
Both Create Me Kits and ReMarkable Kits contain an assortment of iron on gold transfers. They fix to natural fibre textiles by ironing for 15 seconds (don't forget to pull the clear film off after ironing).
If you are on instagram we did a cheesy little video demonstrating how to iron on the transfers. Or sure here is a little video by Humade showing how versatile these kits are.
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