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Yup, it's a day. The 27th of July. I am fuming a bit to have missed it last month, but now I know if it's existance, it seems too good not to talk about.

Some say that the changing of the environment is healthy for plants because (believe it or not), they may have a sense of knowing their surrounding. Will taking them for a walk help increase their sense of wellness? Some online sources seem to suggest this, and while we might be taking this with a pinch of salt, we are open to the idea that even if the plant's mood isn't improved with a jaunt outdoors, ours most certainly will be. Is walking down the street pulling Doris the cheese plant behind you a bit unusual? yes. but we say, if it floats your boat - go for it. So now you know this is a thing, why not join us. Throw off your shyness, grab a pot and stroll through the streets with pride.

(and if you are looking to grow a few, check out our collection here at designist)

July 27] Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day! | by THE FACT SITE | Medium

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