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All dotty about your dots? The benefits of dotted pages

All dotty about your dots? The benefits of dotted pages

We often have people come into the shop and look at our large array of dotted notebooks with a moment of confusion - just HOW do you use dots? I mean, a ruled notebook is straight forward enough. The strong lines keep your handwriting neat and tidy, putting in structure and shape in from the beginning. Equally a blank page is easy to understand. It is clean and clear of any distraction to allow the writer full control over where they place their pen, leaving them to decide how to fill the space - drawing, table, graph - anything goes. But dots?

In this short blog we will talk about some of the reasons why we here at designist love this dotty, dotted style of notebook. 

First and foremost, the real benefit of dotted paper, is how flexible it is in terms of formatting. You can follow the dots just like a traditional ruled page when writing, yes, but it also combines the key functions of both ruled and blank making it easier than ever to draw grids, plans, graphs, todo list and indexes.

Want to draw out a monthly calendar so you can have a good overview of what's to come? off you go. Need a check-off-able todo list so you can easily see what still need to be done? There you are. 

The dots create a guide allowing you to draw neat lines and separate the page/s just how you want - meaning  you can create a planner to your exact needs. And because the dots are not as intrusive as a ruled page, you can embellish it in your own unique style with illustrated headings, borders or whatever takes your fancy.

Dotted paper has long been a favourite of bullet journal enthusiasts, because of this flexibility when it comes to planning, organising and customising a page. Bullet Journaling is something we have talked about a little in the past - you can pop over to our blog post that has lots of great tips and tricks.

We have a range of dotted notebooks at designist at the moment. Pop over to our collection of stationery to see the full collection.


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