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The Person You Love is 55% Water

The Person You Love is 55% Water

Water, we're made of the stuff. Our bodies are over 55% water and if we don’t keep ourselves topped up we can sure feel ropey. Besides obvious advantages (saving money and being the environment's best bud), decent bottles also ensure we are BPA-free (chemical stuff we want to avoid).

But aside from all that, water just tastes better out of some containers, by the shape of the vessel, to the neutral taste a nonreactive material gives. In some cases, like with the Eau Good charcoal filter bottles from Black&Blum, the taste of the water improves massively with the softness. It also reduces chlorine, mineralises the water and balances the pH. An absolute must for anyone who lives in a hard water area.

Of course many of us don’t regularly carry a water bottle simply because of size and weight. The bulky things don’t fit snugly into our bags, next to notebooks and laptops. Why do they always have to be round? But the slim rectangular shape of the Manta Isotherm Bottle lets it snuggle into your bag, or even your handbag. It comes with soft neoprene cover which stops it clinking against anything and insures a level temperature of the water and will be sure to absorb any droplets that form on a hot day if you fill your Manta with cold water. 

For those of us who want a little more from our thirst quenching, why not try a Fruit Piston bottle which infuses your plain old water with whatever fruit, herbs or veg you choose to fill the filter with. Great for catching up on natural vitamin intake while adding a bit more oomph!

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