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Gimme some Michael D Huggins

Gimme some Michael D Huggins

I have had a STACK of half read, sorta started and aspirational books beside my bed for donkeys. Every time I brought home a new one, my partner would roll their eyes in exasperation- when would I ever get around to reading them all? Seems like now is a pretty good time to. So close the door, dig out that pile, sit by the fire, pjs on, hot drink in the hand, and read.



Finding ways to occupy little hands and minds is always a challenge, and it is even more so now schools are closed. We love these Make and Move press and assemble kits. They are suitable for 8 years and up, no scissors, tape or glue is needed and with a dinosaur or creatures of the deep version there is something for everyone. The Dino kit contains a tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, pteranodon and apatosaurus, while the sea creatures kits contains a great white shark, a giant squid, a sea turtle, a spider crab and an enormous blue whale. Once assembled they can be made to walk/ swim with some clever little paper pulls.



South Great George’s Street has been so quiet these last two weeks. It fills me with hope to see so many of you staying at home and staying safe. THANK YOU And to all our neighbours that made the hard decision to close - we are thinking about you all. As you will be aware last week, ahead of yesterday’s announcement by Leo and the rest, we closed our doors to the public and went online. Thanks to you, we are working away on a steady flow of orders. Our shop front isn’t QUITE back to it’s usual loveliness; but sure for those who are in town, with this scaffolding crown it is pretty hard to miss us now 😂🤣😂



NEW PRODUCT ALERT: welcome Bubble Buddy ! Ok, I am pretty much in love with this. Looks like a nice soap dish, right? And it is - but is also SO MUCH more. The bubble buddy comes with an interGRATED grater and a range of soap bars - for washing you, your baby, the dishes, your clothes, counters - everything. Just chose your soap, grate a little, lather it up and off you go. This is the humble soap bar transformed into super soap! The stand is made from recycled plastic bottles and comes in three colours. The soap is handmade, vegan, palm oil free, cruelty free, any nasty chemicals free, organic AND cos it is super concentrated it helps you dramatically reduce your plastic consumption.



We all need a hug sometimes. Big virtual hugs going out to ya’ll



We will miss you all but we will be back! Stay safe, stay indoors and let’s help beat this thing. If you have any questions we will be checking into our email regularly. And for those of you who have ordered recently we will be in contact with you all shortly.



AH WELL. Sure it’ll only be for a few weeks. And ‘tIl then sure we can: a. have as many pj days as we want b. binge watch that series on Netflix c. get really proficient at group Skypes, zooms and FaceTime d. And not feeling guilty about ANY of it


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