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The Steamery

The Steamery

For years I’d been coveting a steamer like the ones you’d see in high end boutiques. Very far back in my student days I worked on Kensington High Street in a fancy shoe shop surrounded by boutiques that really added theatre to retail, and part of magic was the exquisitely pressed clothes on the racks that had been expertly steamed in the back of the shop. It just seemed so effortless and efficient by comparison to ironing. 

grey steamer by the steamery

When we first introduced the Steamery to the collection it was definitely my absolute aversion to ironing that drew me to it, but I hadn’t considered the other benefits of steaming your clothes. It's much gentler on fabrics, meaning the things you love last for longer. Steaming products means they need to be washed less often, which is better for the planet. You can also steam most dry clean only clothes so it also saves you time and money (have a look at this video to see just how to do it).

grey steamer by the steamery

These particular steamers by The Steamery are a collaboration between product designers and textile engineers, meaning everything is as functional and well thought through as it is as beautiful to look at. Based in Sweden, the company was set up expressly to address sustainability in fashion. Their philosophy is about doing more with less: Invest in pieces you really love, wear them for years, and care for them in such a way that you can eventually pass them on.  

the pilo 2

To this end they’ve developed a whole range of products to help you care for your clothes - including the very satisfying to use Pilo fabric shaver and their own sewing kit, based on a Japanese knife roll. It comes with a QR code that links to tutorials on how to complete the most common repairs like replacing a button, or fixing a hem. 

sewing kit by he steamery

Sustainable, beautiful, easy to use, good for the planet and your pocket; there’s lost to love about the Steamery products  - but I still reckon my love of these things stems from my hatred of doing the blasted ironing!

pilo 1

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