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Three New Books on Art, Architecture and Colour

Three New Books on Art, Architecture and Colour

Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?


What IS contemporary art? What makes it art? Is everything art? Should I know? Does everyone else already know?

If you can relate to these questions, Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art is the book for you. Written by Kyung An – Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim – and Jessica Cerasi – Exhibitions manger at Carroll/Fletcher Gallery – Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art is an A-Z guide of all things art. Delivered in concise, jargon-free, English, this book offers insightful explanations into the art world, the mystique of conceptual art, the role of the artist and art's place in society. Chapter titles include 'Money Money Money – Why is it so expensive?' and 'Kanye West, a minimalist in a rappers body.'

It's a deadly read AND it'll answer all those questions you've never quite been confident enough to ask! 

What Is Architecture?

What is Architecture is the perfect book for anyone with even the slightest interest in architecture. Written by Rasmus Waern & Gert Wingard, it answers all the architecture-related questions you never even knew you had. Ranging from 'what is a room?' to 'is it possible to age gracefully?' and 'do buildings have memories?' What is Architecture is easy to read and gives an option for either a one line answer or a or a longer, more detailed explanation.

The Secret Lives of Colour

The secret Lives of Colour is a beautiful book – and definitely one of my favourites – that explores the histories and stories behind 75 of the most interesting shades of colour. Spanning art, politics, design and fashion, Kassia St Clair – who began her research for the book while writing a column on colour for Elle magazine – takes you on a round-world trip exploring different shades from Van Gough's chrome yellow sunflowers to Punk's hot pink.

The right book can make the perfect gift, and we've a wide range of topics like cookery, baking, Irish history, graphic design and parody, so if you're stuck for a gift check out the full collection here!

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