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Venturing back out, green fingers and some bubble buddies

Venturing back out, green fingers and some bubble buddies

Meet the Maker Monday! Say hi to Nessa Finnegan!
Berlin based / Irish artist and designer Nessa Finnegan is making all your feminist, gaeilge swag dreams come true. From Sheela na Gig Tea towels to Cailín Maith Patches she has you covered! Nessa's artwork uses humour and tactile materials, exploring a wide spectrum of established gendered roles and rules as well as authority and power. Nessa is known for making big squishy pink and glittery soft sculptures that you can play with. She also facilitates Zine making and collage workshops and works as a graphic designer - an artist of many talents.



Don’t panic! Father’s Day isn’t until 21st of June; but we were just so in love with these cards we had to share. Illustrated by the very talented @robstears we love this mini series. ‘Dad Hard’ shows being a super action hero in real life is more fizzle than BANG. Show some love for the Dad-figure in your life this Father’s Day.



We do sure get a lot of weather here in Ireland. Sunny with showers. Cloudy with spells of sun. We get it all. For those future meteorologists we have some lovely gifts. . The technology behind the storm glass, which works much like a barometer, was invented by Admiral Fitzroy - the commander of HMS Beagle and was used on the famous Darwin expedition. . The Galileo thermometer kit let’s you make a thermometer using different density liquids. It gets it’s name from it’s inventor; Galileo Galilei, the famous 16-17th century physicist. . Then there is The Great Irish Weather Book. This beautifully illustrated book is chocked full of facts and experiments, exploring what weather is and how it happens - from climate change, satellites to storms.



Well, it looks like lots of us will be going back to work over the next few weeks. Okay, there will be a few changes, we we are so ready for it! No more sharing of utensils at work? No problem! Sure everything you need is here. Leak proof lunch boxes, filter water bottles, plastic free cutlery sets, collapsible straws and a host of coffee cups to suit your needs. Me, I throw my double expressos into my Frank Green cup and off I go- perfect.



BACK IN STOCK: . We got a whole pile of lovely gardening goodies back in stock today, lovely now the good weather is back with us. . I love the watering can, it is small enough to use indoors and for little hands to hold, but big enough not to have to keep refilling over and over. These paper pot makers are a winner too; great to make little seedling pots which can then be planted straight into the soil. Go on, get out and get green fingers working. And sure for those of us without a garden, let’s get the window sills green! Me, I have also been pairing up my stationary to match my indoor garden :) 🌳🌺💦



Treat sensitive skin with this lush baby soap. It is made especially for the bubble buddy which is, in my opinion, the best thing to happen to soap in a long time. These Uber stylish soap dishes double up as soap graters that allow you to turn your soap bar into liquid soap, ready to use in a multitude of ways. I pop few sprinkles of baby soap into the bay’s bath at night which works a treat. Each bubble buddy also comes with a free bar of cleaning soap - which is super zingy and great for laundry, cleaning the kitchen and more. The bubble buddy is made from recycled drinks bottles and they all come packaged plastic free. Lovely stuff



We have been feeling a little nostalgic this morning and have been looking through photos of the shop pre-lockdown. We are working away finding ways to let you folk back in, once everything is all okay to do so. In the meantime, you are open 24/7 online, and we can wrap your presents, hand write any cards or message for you and post your gifts straight to whoever you want, all at no extra cost.


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