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  • grow, growing, grown!
    September 9, 2021

    grow, growing, grown!

    The number of hours of care, patience and nurturing we collectively as a nation have put into our house plants this last year must by now have entered into the millions. From succulents to ferns, leafy greens, trailing vines and delicate blooms...

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  • All About the Bees
    May 11, 2020

    All About the Bees

    So what exactly is the deal with bee houses, motels and blocks? Why are people so keen to help these furry little insects? We at designist wanted to explore all things bees to see just how important they are and...

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  • Sheelas, Mammies and and some lovely gifts
    March 15, 2020

    Sheelas, Mammies and and some lovely gifts

    Love how these floating plant hangers let us bring extra greenery into the shop. We have them at home too and with this rotten weather they're great for getting a bit of garden into the house. 🌱🌿🌼   View this...

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  • Sprout: The Worlds first sustainable pencil
    July 26, 2017

    Sprout: The Worlds first sustainable pencil

    Sprout pencils have to be one of the coolest new products we have in the store!  They're such a simple idea and they're so clever. (and cute!) With a sprout pencil, there's a tiny capsule of seeds where you'd usually...

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