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what easter break?!?

what easter break?!?

‘Will you do us a blog post about the Easter break, there?’ they asked. 

‘Yeah sure,’ I replied, ‘But what Easter break are you talking about?’

A break means places to go, new clothes to show off, and people to see: stuff we’re all sorely lacking now. There’s no weekend in ‘the Wesht’ ahead, no big family get-together, no compulsive chocolate-eating. Well, the chocolate eating will happen, just alone, on the sofa, with only those colourful crumpled foil wrappers for company.

What we do have right now is space to think and plan for the ‘after time’ that’s coming soon. It’s a chance to improve the home office so the landing back to work isn’t so hard. 

It’s a chance to stop looking out the window, and actually go out there. Just look at that grand stretch; those longer evenings and brighter mornings. It’s a chance to look at the daisies and daffodils and cherry blossoms. It’s wonderful out there. 

And if you’re itchy indoors with little people we have loads and loads of new things to keep them entertained for hours. But our best advice is to get everyone outside. Our out and about range has you all set for a genuinely enjoyable jaunt in nature. 

The smallest patch of grass can be a nature walk if you open your eyes and start to examine this exquisite little island of ours. The leaves and blossoms can make a collage, stones and shells found on the shore can adorn bathrooms and bedrooms. The birds are back from South Africa (are they quarantining?) and knowing your corncrake from your tit is the new black. Ha. I said tit.

So look, this too shall pass. In the meantime, get outside, enjoy the days, connect with nature, write an opera, or just eat loads of chocolate. At this point, who’d blame you?

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