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The benefits of mending, repairing and remaking

The benefits of mending, repairing and remaking

Repairing things seems like one of the skills we’ve neglected in this fast paced high consumption world we’ve been living in. When something breaks we throw it away and get a new, better, faster version instead. It gives us an immediate dopamine rush to have something new that marketeers have tapped into so well. However, the good feeling you get from repairing your own stuff doesn’t wear off as fast.

woolfiller repair kits

Not discounting all the environmental benefits of repairing and reusing things you already have, the slow meditative repetition involved in most types of repair and the feeling of accomplishment at having mended something can help reduce anxiety in the same way meditation or mindfulness colouring can. When the world feels out of control repairing something gives you the sense that you can at least put order on one small piece of the world.

new kintsugi repair kit and remarkable gold transfers

When we’re all living on our nerves, having to replace a much loved item, whether it got accidentally broken or has just worn out from use, can feel like an insurmountable task. When you drop your favourite mug and break the handle or the moths get into your collection of winter woolies, the world may not actually be ending but it can sure feel like it. Using the New Kintsugi kit to reattach your handle, woolfiller to mend the moth holes, or the remarkable kit to cover up wine stains on your Mother’s damask table cloth not only averts the disaster but adds extra personality to these objects. They become more truly yours and while the results may be slightly wabi sabi, they also document your developing skills.

sewing kit by the steamery

Investing the time in yourself and your abilities, rather than in your worldly possessions, can lead to a renewed faith in your own capabilities and your resourcefulness. What more could you ask for in life than to feel better able for whatever it might throw at you.

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