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steamerys, fabric shavers and launching designist eats

steamerys, fabric shavers and launching designist eats

You gotta love a good stack. And nothing makes a better one these these Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, journals, sketchbooks and diaries. Sure, ‘it’s the season to be organising ourselves and getting ready for the autumn, and what better way to do it than with one of these exceedingly high quality, scrum my coloured, gorgeous to use notebooks? All Leuchtturm notebooks are thread-bound, making them super-durable and also meanng they open out flat. The expandable back pocket will house all those receipts, tickets, business cards etc that otherwise you would lose. The paper is both ink-proof (so no show-through or blotching) and acid-free (so no discoloration over time). This, combined with its sturdiness, is what makes it a top choice for stationary enthusiasts and bullet journal fans all over the globe.



BACK IN STOCK! Everyone’s favourite Irish language prints by @lapabeag. Which is your favourite?



I do love a bit of September summer. We are having lots of fun today getting all the new la Bougie and crop candles which just arrived out. I am PARTICULARLY excited that we have the Cider & Tonka Bean La Bougie Candle in, it is so amazing. . Hazel is busy packing up all your orders downstairs. It is lovely to see so many people sending gifts out to their loved ones. If you plan to do the same, don’t forget to let us know so we can gift wrap the present for free. We can also write any message you want in your chosen card - just pop the details in the notes section when you order. . We are open Tuesday - Saturday between 10.30-5.30pm And from 12.30-5pm on a Sunday. If you are in Dublin City centre don’t pop in and say hi. . If you don’t want to risk any queues or crowds you can use our click and collect service, and if you need any help, inspiration or ideas, you can always send us an email or give us a call.



And it is here! We have decided seen as there are so many impending crises that we needed a little cheering up. And nothing puts a smile on our face more that seeing you folk happy. So, here it is - a very, very special discount code for you folk here on social media to get you 15% off over 70 specially selected goodies on our website. Just click the link in our bio to see the full collection and use the code ANDGO! at the checkout and Volia! (The discount is only applied with this code at checkout so don’t forget to use it!) You only have til tomorrow evening (Saturday 19th), so get your skates on! . We may not be able to help with all of the crises coming but we can make the one in December a little easier. So if you wanna get yourself (or Santa) super duper organised then pop over and have a goo and gander.



Look at those reflections out the window 😍😍😍 it’s a short post today, mainly because I am very busy adding LOTS of new items to our FLASH SALE right now! We are delighted at your response and want to make sure there are enough lovely things for everyone so do click the link in the bio throughout the day to see what new lovely things have been added. 15% off anything in this special collection with the code ANDGO! The sale ends midnight tonight though so skates on!



I am determined to get more organised this term. I am going to be ON IT. These keyboard calendars are great for those of us who are stuck in front of a computer for much of the day. Slimline, they fit just under or to the side of your keyboard, so it is always to hand. Each page contains one week for you to have a good overview of what you’re meant to be doing and where you’re meant to be going. And very handily, as the pages are not dated, if you have an off week (or two) you won’t waste pages - making the calendar work for you. We also have a matching notebook it handy grids for drawing or scribbles, note making or whatever is needed. There ya go, how you have no more excuses to procrastinate



Whatever the occasion, mark it with a card. And if you are stuck in, or outside of Dublin, and can’t give the card in person, let us handwrite your message and post it directly to your loved one.



Delighted to have Fatti and John Burke’s newest book in. It is all about Mary Robinson and her journey to becoming the super, mega human rights campaigner, feminist, justice seeker, environmentalist and all round amazing person that she is.



Whow, well we have had a few busy days! We had three or four exciting deliveries of brand spanking new gadgets, toys and books in which we have been very busily getting ready for the shop floor. Nearly everything is out and online now so do check them out. And we have lots more new lovely goodies and exciting products planned for over the next while from a pile of new brands and makers - so watch this space! . Our Dublin shop is open 10.30-5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 12.30-5pm on Sunday. Click and collect services are available online if you want to avoid any queues and we are online 24/7 if you want to order lovely gifts or goodies for yourself or loved ones. You can have any gifts gift wrapped for free and have any message written in your chosen card, and if you want we can post directly to your loved one- so even if you can’t get to see them, you can show you care



These little books have really been connecting with you lot recently. Pocket sized, this series looks at finding ways to think, eat, see, relax and simply BE more mindful. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh looks at every aspect of life and gives us a useful ways of seeing the world as a means to help us all feel a little bit better, a little bit more relaxed, and a little more a ease with the world. And breathe.



We know the city centre has been struggling these last few weeks and months. So we have at Designist been making a effort to support where we can. Over the last while we have eat been trying out places we hadn’t been to for lunch and have been having a ball. Over the next few weeks we will sharing some of our fav. with you. We will be kicking off with ‘Designist Eats’ to show you just a *teeny* tiny bit of the amazing places in town for lunch or dinner. Keep an eye on our stories as we take a pretty delicious gallop through the city to see what is on offer.



BACK IN STOCK! You asked, we have delivered, yes, these are the Steamery’s cirrus no. 2 steamers. We love them, you love them, your clothes love them. This time around we have added the ingenious Pilo Fabric Shaver - perfect for getting those unattractive bobbles off your clothes, extending the life of your favourite jumpers, woollens, coats etc



A few cards that have been very popular this last week....



The littlest human in our house loves dolls. And sure, why not? I loved mine as a kid. But now looking back at my raggedly collection of barbies, I now understand my mum’s resistance to buy them for me. With their oversized chests and feet manipulated in such a way that they were forever in tippy toes, and clothes that were always just a little too over the top. . Lottie dolls are the perfect tonic. This Irish company designs dolls that are proportional and age appropriate. They often use real life children with remarkable stories as inspiration and always create dolls that are imaginative, and fun. Whether they want to build and invent, report on exciting events or take care of pets- Lottie dolls and her boy counter part Finn dolls do so in fun, accessible and relatable ways. . We particularly love this new true hero doll which is inspired by 12-year-old Aoibheann Mangan's amazing story of how she is inspiring other girls to get into stem. Aoibheann, European digital girl of the year, taught herself to code and then created an app inspired by her best friend Grace, to show other kids what happens when you go to hospital. . We are open today from 12.30-5pm so if you are having a relaxed day in town, do pop in. Otherwise our online store is up and running making sure you get your orders nice and quickly


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