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dad jokes?...

dad jokes?...

"Dad, can you give me a lift?" "Sure kid, you’re a talented child, and me and your mum are so proud of you!"

So we all know the deal with dads and jokes. The usual response is a cringe or a groan. This Father's day (19th June) we want to stand up for Dad Jokes. The thing is, dads who make these gags consider themselves pretty funny dudes*, they just want to involve their children in their own humorous world and include them in an environment of whimsy and fun, while protecting them from all the evils in the world. There's nothing that makes them happier than seeing you rolling around laughing, so the sillier the better, as long as there isn't a double-entendre in sight. It's just one of the many ways they look out for us. While we're in a such rush to get all grown up, dad jokes help us remember were still really just big kids. 

So to show your appreciation for all his effort, get the aul fella a little something this Fathers Day that will bring a smile to his face, or maybe even make him laugh out loud...

We've got a truck load of ideas for father's day here. and we've got an amazing prize for one lucky father of anyone who orders online, buys something in the shop or joins the mailing list between now and the 17th June. We'll send out a gift every month to your Dad for a whole year**. 

*rightly or wrongly
**terms and conditions apply
Check out Oh Daddy, our playlist all about dads here


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